Level Crossing Footpath improvements by Network Rail

Submitted on 18 February 2020 by Carrianne Houghton

Please be advised of the following update from Network Rail, East Midlands, regarding a Level Crossing near Thorneyfields Farm No.2 (Footpath U17).

A supplementary warning device known as COVTEC, which has been created by the Company of the same name, has been installed at the above-named level crossing to the north of the B581 Station Road and in close proximity to the road overbridge which carries the M69 motorway over the Leicester to Nuneaton railway line.

The device is an overlay system that is designed to provide additional protection for the crossing user in addition to the whistle boards on each rail approach, hence the inclusion of the word supplementary in its description above. The existing whistle boards will remain in place and train drivers will continue to sound their horns when passing the whistle boards; the whistle boards will remain as the primary protection for users of Thorneyfields Farm No.2 level crossing.

There are two parts to the system in each direction. The advanced section detects the approach of the train and transmits it back to the crossing. The section at the crossing replicates the sound of a train horn.

Please click here for a map of the footpath location.

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